Dear McKoy: My Sugar Daddy is a Senator

Dear McKoy: One of the senators is my sugar daddy. His wife recently found out and made me a very hefty offer to leave him alone, but I don’t think I can because I love him. She told me not to tell him about the offer and I obliged, but I’m starting to wonder if she may hurt me if I don’t leave him alone.

He gives the best head ever and pays for everything for me. He seems to care about me so if I leave, I feel like I’d be giving up everything. The wife said he found out about me by snooping through his phone so now I’m skeptical about sending him nudes out of fear that she might see them. Tell me what to do. I’m only 23 and he’s almost twice my age.
Dear B.V.: You need to leave this man alone. You cannot gamble with your life and well-being over someone else’s husband. He will probably never leave her and you’ll be on the side forever. Please do better and value yourself. You’ll find a man to make you their wife.
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