Dear McKoy: My Sister is Dating My Ex

Dear McKoy: My Sister is Dating My Ex – My sister and I always had a close relationship. We are two years apart, still live with our parents, and are both in college. About a year ago I started dating this older guy that my parents didn’t approve of. Even though I knew they hated him, I didn’t break up with him until he started being controlling and abusive.

My ex and her have started dating recently. He comes to pick her up from our house.  I can’t fathom, why neither of my parents has spoken to her about it and told her what she is doing is wrong. When we were dating they never stopped complaining about how much they hated him. Why are they being silent now that he is their second daughter’s man? Since I found out, I have kept my distance from her. I can’t bear seeing them together. How do I get over this?


N. Jackson


Dear N: Your family must have known why you broke up with your ex. It’s unfortunate that your sister has such terrible judgment that she got involved with him. He will likely treat her the same way he treated you. Don’t give them the satisfaction of seeing you upset over the issue. The right guy will come along when you least expect it, and you’ll forget all about your ex. I understand why this disappoints you, but rest assured that your sister will eventually learn her lesson. Scheduling an appointment with a therapist who can help you cope with your pain might help you get through this.


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