Dear McKoy: My Sister is Cheating on Her Husband and I Want to Tell Him

Dear McKoy: My sister has been cheating on her husband and I want to tell him so I can have him for myself. The truth is, I’ve been cheating with him so technically they’re cheating on each other and I’m in the middle. She confides in me because according to her I’m her “best friend” but her man has been having some of the nastiest sex with me for months. He even brought me to Florida with him on a “business trip”. She’s cheating with her business associate. They’ve been at it for about two months now and every time I’m with her husband, I’m tempted to tell him. I don’t know if that would make me hypocritical or whatever but they’re clearly not happy with each other. I actually love him and he says he has feelings for me too. What should I do?

Dear E.B.: You’re wrong to begin with and I don’t endorse you being with your brother-in-law. I would advise you to leave him alone. They’re probably never going to leave each other no matter what and you’ll forever be the side chick. They might even mend their relationship and you get kicked to the curb. Either way, the situation is messy and you’re being childish. You and your brother-in-law. You could’ve at least waited until they “parted ways” before seeing him. 

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