Dear McKoy: My sister and I have the same baby daddy

Dear McKoy,

The same man tricked my sister and I, and got us both pregnant but he has only been supporting her. This has caused a lot of tension in my family as I’m experiencing a lot of mood swings and it is very taxing to be buying all the baby essentials by myself. I must admit I’m also jealous of my sister because they’re spending all the time together and she doesn’t even check on me. If I had known she was also seeing the man, I would not have had sex with him at all. Our parents have stayed out of it so the tension and conflict hasn’t lessened. I am just so emotionally tired. I’m not sure what to do.




Dear G.G.,

You have to take it easy for the baby’s sake. You also need to talk to the man. If you do not have a contact, go see him and talk to him and let him know that he’s being very unreasonable. It is also possible to take legal action against him if he still refuses to take care of the child. Please do not suffer in silence. If you can, make sure you surround yourself with family or friends who can comfort you. I pray you have a safe delivery. I trust that the baby will be a blessing and you will be rewarded for all the hardships you have to bear alone.



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