Dear McKoy: My Professor is trying to date me

One of my professors has been making passes at me lately and it’s making me uncomfortable. He could literally be my grandfather and I keep telling him I’m not interested but he doesn’t hear. I want to report him but I don’t want the public attention drawn to me. It’s embarrassing and I know it shouldn’t be. He has sent me nice pictures, gotten me gifts, and is always inviting me over. You’re the first person I’m talking to about this. I’m the victim, yet I feel so dirty about the situation. Why me? Jamaica has a serious pedophile problem and I wish more attention was given to it. What should I do to stop this?


Dear anonymous,

Report him to anybody at all you trust. Your parents, somebody in administration at the school, the police, a pastor, or a trusted family member. This is harassment and he needs to be stopped. Please try to protect yourself at all costs. You are valuable and this man is nothing but a predator! Please tell somebody.


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