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Dear McKoy: My Pastor Wants Me for Himself


Dear McKoy: My Pastor wants me for himself– I am in a relationship with the pastor at my church.  The only problem is that he is married, I am interested in a young man in the congregation and my pastor is jealous and obsessed with me.

Sunday while I was talking to a brother in the congregation he saw and in his sermon he preached against the young girls today who want more than one man. I know he was speaking directly to me.

Right now I am not sure I can continue with the relationship. He is married and has someone for himself, I want that too. What should I do?


Dear Church Girl,

Just leave the pastor alone. Find your own man. If you continue your relationship with the pastor things will only go badly.

Your pastor will not leave his wife for you and your relationship is very unhealthy. I think you should also find a new church to attend. Good Luck.


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