Dear Mckoy: My Pastor Made Me Marry A Devil

I used to attend this very popular church in Portmore.  The pastor says he is a prophet of God so I believed in his ministry.  I was at fasting service one  morning and he told me that he got a word for me that I am supposed to marry John (not correct name).  Now I got excited about the word and felt special. John attended the church also.
John and I started dating and within 6 months we got married at the church.  John was such a charmer when we were dating so I was looking forward to a lot of excitement in the marriage.  I wished for excitement and that I got.
On the honeymoon night, the ‘Man of God’ draw for a ganja spliff saying he wants to get a vibes.  Me now start to pray for him, trying to rebuke the devil and to my surprise the man said not even God can come down and help me when him done ram out mi ole that night.  I said, ok maybe this is just bedroom talk.  When we having sex that night, I hear him keep on saying ‘yu cum chuch like yu betta dan people, mi agu put yuh dung to size’.  Then and there I start praying hard in my mind.  In the morning I was talking to him about what happened the night, the man give mi a box seh I must not question my husband.  I called pastor and tell him and he said give him a chance because he is just a little rough around the edges.
Long thing short, the abuse got worse over a 3 month period and we went to church smiling like we were doing well.  The beating that made me run was I approached him about cheating with a church sister and the man take up a broom and start beating me.  I took a knife and stab him in his foot and left.  Pastor him call asking me why I stabbed by husband, I hang up and gave him a video call showing my broom bruises.  Pastor going to tell me to use olive oil and anoint them and don’t tell nobody.  I just tell off pastor and tell him to keep this man away from me and if that man come near me again, I am going to disgrace their fake church.  I am now in the process of divorcing the devil.
Dear Anonymous: Sorry to hear about your ordeal.  Happy to know you got out of that abusive marriage before it got late.  The almighty God will not allow for his children to be abused.  All the best my dear.
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