Dear McKoy: My Pastor is the Father of My Son

Dear McKoy: I am a married woman who has been going to one church all her life. Over the years, the pastor role has been passed down, and I started an affair with the newer pastor. His father was the pastor when I was growing up. I recently had a baby and to be honest, my son belongs to the pastor but I can’t tell anybody. He knows the baby is his and has offered to be the Godfather so that’s what he is. He’s very supportive of us, and of course nobody thinks anything of it because he’s genuinely a nice and kind person. It is eating me alive and I fear this dirty secret may come to light later in life. I don’t know what to do. He is currently engaged and I am not sure if I should say something before the marriage or not.

Dear Anonymous: It is a sticky position to be in but the earlier, the better. You owe it to everybody, especially the child to be honest. Talk it over with the rightful father and make a choice about how you’re going to break the news to your families. I hope this is a learning moment for you.

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