Dear McKoy: My neighbor is lusting after my husband

Dear McKoy,

I think my neighbour is trying to hit on my husband but I don’t know if I am just being paranoid. She is always touching him unnecessarily, bringing him dinner as if I don’t cook and is always trying to have him over to “fix her pipe” or some other foolishness. My husband thinks it’s innocent. He has a reputation for being oblivious. I really hope she is not trying anything with him because I will literally fight her. My husband keeps going around her and it is so annoying. I am not usually overly jealous or anything but this seems a little bit off. I want to know if you think I am crazy or what.


Dear F.N.,

Based on what you’ve told me, things do seem a little suspicious. It is up to you to tell your husband you’re uncomfortable with certain things. You are the wife, draw clear boundaries. You may also tell the neighbour to back off a bit. All the best.


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