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Dear Mckoy: My Mother Want me Sleeping with her Lesbian Friend


Dear Mckoy, I’m 19 years old and the eldest of four children for my parents. My parents are married and living together, but lives separate lives where they both have outside relationships.

Now my mother who is bisexual thinks it’s okay for me to sleep with her lesbian friends. Yes, I like girls but I don’t feel it’s right to share a partner with my mother. I told my father but all he said was I’m grown to make my own decisions. I’m a little confused, I don’t feel like my parents are acting responsible.

S.S  St Andrew.

Dear S.S.

             Based on your story I must agree it’s not right to share partners with your parents  and with the respond of your father that you’re grown to make your own decisions, yes he’s right 
But it’s also showing that none of both parents are acting responsible.

I suggest you try talking to your mother letting her know exactly how you feel about the situation. 
Good luck.


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