Dear McKoy: My Mother-in-law is a Nuisance

Dear McKoy,

I should be getting married soon but my mother-in-law to be is being such a pain! It’s like she wanted her son to remain in her house forever. She’s oddly obsessed with him and it makes me sick. She wants to tell me how to run the show and dictate how the budget is spent. She even tried telling me which dress to buy. Her son allows her behavior which is the most annoying part. She babies him and is always making rude remarks about me, like she doesn’t feel I’m good enough for him etc. She criticizes how I clean, how I cook, how I dress…It is so frustrating. I genuinely love her son but she is too present in our lives and he doesn’t say anything to her. I should not be as stressed as I am right now. The mother needs a life. If I tell my mother all these things, she’s literally going to fight the lady but I don’t want the drama. By the way, I am writing from the United States, I love your page and your advice so that’s why I am looking to you.


Dear K.G.,

Thank you for your kind words. It is important that you talk to your fiance about this. If he truly loves and respects you, he will talk to his mother. You can all have a group meeting to discuss the problem before proceeding with further plans. I really hope and pray that you have a great wedding and an even better marriage. I am sorry for all the stress right now, but fingers crossed things will be fixed after you have that talk.


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