Dear Mckoy. I am 18 years old, living with my father and two younger siblings.
Being the eldest I have to take my siblings to visit our mother on weekends, which my siblings and I do enjoy.

Ever since my father and mother broke up, they both just date other people, but never anything serious.
Now my mother starts dating the guy that took my virginity when I was 16years. I am still in love with him and it is driving me crazy.  My mother doesn’t know that he was my boyfriend because I use to hide and go be with him and get back home in time before anyone noticed.

We haven’t said anything to each other since he been visiting my mother. We would just stare at each other but never exchanged words.
My mother is now of the opinion that I don’t like him, which is not so.
I am hurting but also scared to hurt my mom’s feelings telling her the truth.
I am confused.

Unknown. From unknown.

Dear Unknown.

If the man your mother is now dating, was once your boyfriend and now dating your mother, I can only imagine the discomfort it may be causing you.
I would honestly suggest you speak to your mother about it. Before it goes any deeper and you’ll have to live with the guilt of not speaking out.  


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