Dear McKoy: My Mom is Against My Relationship Because My Man is 15 Years Older than Me

Dear McKoy: My mother doesn’t want me to continue the relationship I’m in because the guy is 15 years older. Back in their day, I’m sure they were dating much older people so I don’t see what the problem is. He is a whole man. The complete package. And everything I’ve ever dreamt of. I think she’s just jealous because her relationships never work out. I’m genuinely happy and I’m 20 years old so I think I’m wise enough to make my own choices. Do you think parents should dictate what their children do once they’re adults? This is simply ridiculous to me.

Dear Y.M.: You might be an adult, but you’re still young. Do not allow anybody to manipulate and use you. Perhaps she sees something you don’t. Don’t be naive.

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