Dear McKoy: My Man Keeps Stealing Money from Me

Dear McKoy,

My boyfriend keeps stealing money from me then denies it. I am a hard-working woman and he lost his job because of the pandemic. I understand that I have to pay all the bills now and I don’t have a problem. But if I put my purse down or leave money around the house, he takes it then gets upset when I ask him for it. We literally live alone and rarely ever have company. The matter is getting out of hand now. I want to figure out a way to catch him red-handed but I have not thought of anything yet. I can’t believe I’m sleeping with a thief. He was never like this. I’ve started to sleep on the couch cause he disgusts me right now. Do you think I’m wrong?


Dear L.H.,

I understand the frustration. You have all right to be upset. You need to tell this man to man up (literally) and confess or you’re going to leave. This is beyond childish and unnecessary. I hope it works out for you.


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