Dear McKoy: My Man Got My Best Friend Pregnant and I am Pregnant as Well

Dear McKoy: I am 5 months pregnant and I found out that my “best friend” is also pregnant for my boyfriend. All along I thought she was pregnant for her man but I found messages between them about clinic appointments and baby items etc. All this time when he was telling me he can’t afford everything for our baby and I have to meet him halfway, it’s because he’s cutting my money in half to give her. She never told me she and her boyfriend separated. I found that out via messages as well. She’s my man’s full blown side chick. I am yet to say anything to him about it because I’m not sure what approach to take but it’s killing me softly. I want to burn him up in his sleep and murder her too, but I can’t. I am so confused, hurt and angry. How should I go about letting him know that I know.

Dear J.R.: Spare your time and energy and don’t bother with the theatrics. Just let him know that you’ve found out and decide whether you want to stay with him or not. You can’t afford to raise your blood pressure. I hope you have a strong family support system because you’ll need them during this time. Also, cut that friend off because she means you no well. I truly hope you’ll have a healthy and safe pregnancy. 
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