Dear McKoy: My Man Doesn’t Moan During Sex

Dear McKoy: My man doesn’t moan during sex. No matter the tricks that I try, the sex is just silent. He doesn’t groan even when he’s cumming and it’s quite boring. I love him cause he’s a good provider and is very understanding but our sex life is so bad! There’s no little excitement. If we’re in the missionary position, he just stares in my face and says nothing. It’s so annoying and no matter what I try, he continues to be his boring, plain self. I don’t want to cheat on him, but believe me it’s so easy. I wonder if I should try BDSM with him to get a reaction or if I should just buy sex toys and please myself. What do you think?

Dear G.G.: Tell him that you’re uncomfortable with your sex life. If he refuses to do better, nobody is forcing you to continue having sex with him. If you believe you deserve better, then go find it. However, he has to work on himself to make sure you’re pleased. Maybe you should give him an ultimatum. 
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