Dear Mckoy: My Man Doesn’t Make Me Climax

Dear Mckoy: My Man Doesn’t Make Me Climax–  My man and I have been together three years now and he has never made me climax by penetrating me. The only time I do is whenever he gives me Oral.

It has become boring and whenever I speak to him about it he gets upset and goes about his business and comes back home drunk and fuss with me saying since he can’t make me climax with penetration then I should finger myself, it may do a better job.

I love my man and I’m trying not to become unfaithful but he is pushing me. I’m not sure how to deal with the situation.


Dear Sue; Sometimes you have to be a little more spontaneous and try to change up the way you and your man may be approaching your intimacy.  Just my opinion maybe you should have him trying new positions and try to be more relaxed. If you are stressed or depressed it could also be a reason for the situation you are having.

So I honestly believe you are the one with the problem and not your man.
I would also suggest you try speaking with a sexual Therapist and see how best they can help you with your situation

Good Luck.

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