Dear McKoy: My husband wants to have protected sex

Dear McKoy,

All of a sudden my boyfriend wants us to use condoms during sex and I’m concerned that he may have an STD or STI. I don’t know how to have a talk with him. It would break my heart if he really does have something. I know I should be able to talk to him upfront but the thought alone makes me nauseous. Protected sex is not as enjoyable and I stopped orgasming. My gut feeling is saying something is wrong, but I am so afraid. It has been causing me anxiety and I barely sleep. We don’t talk much anymore. There’s this wall between us that I hate. I have always been faithful and to see us where we are is hurting me. I have told one friend and she said she agrees that something is off. I really want to know what you think is the best thing to do.


Dear D.E.,

You are his woman so you need to have a frank talk with him about this. This is very vital information to his and your health. It makes no sense to ignore the elephant in the room. It is better to know than not to. If you want, you can go get tested ahead of time. I hope it goes well.


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