Dear McKoy: My husband wants kids, but he doesn’t know I got my tubes tied

Dear McKoy,

My husband is contemplating adoption because I cannot get pregnant and he really wants to be a father. I feel bad knowing that the real reason is because I got my tubes tied without telling him. I don’t like children. Now, I don’t know how to tell him I don’t want to adopt any simply because I don’t wanna be a parent. All this talk about children is so annoying and I wish he’d accept our marriage without them but that doesn’t seem possible. Do you think I’m selfish for not wanting children? I love hm but no, I’m not trying to raise anybody.


Dear B.C.,

You aren’t selfish for not wanting any but you are selfish for deceiving him. Just be honest and talk about it together. He can decide how he wants to deal with that confession. Lying and deception is never worth it. 

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