Dear Mckoy: My Husband Used And Robbed Me

Dear Mckoy: My Husband Used And Robbed Me:   I’m a Jamaican raised in the US since I was 2 years old. I normally visit my country quite often. About four years ago I visited and met a man I started dating.

After a year in the relationship, I came back to Jamaica and marry him. I then took him out of his shock out of the gully and bought a house and car. Let me say I upgraded him with a good heart and as my husband.

I then took him here in the USA to live with me as my husband. As time passes he got his papers. Suddenly his whole attitude changes. He then became disrespectful.

I love him so I tried talking with him to see if I could figure out what the problem was.
When we met he told me he never had any children and wasn’t in a relationship. A lady uses to visit that he claimed was his sister.

He then started telling me I was annoying and I took him to the USA so I’m supposed to mind him he’s not working and when he’s in Jamaica its women that mind him.

Eventually, he left for Jamaica for two weeks that turned into a month.
So I decided to visit without him being aware. Now to my surprise when I got to my house I saw the lady that’s supposed to be his sister and 3 children which include a baby barely walking.

She told me I couldn’t enter my house and she was always his woman and not his sister, he only used me to get the house, car, and the USA stay.

But what she didn’t know was that I never bought any of the assets in his name or joined him to any of the above.
But he had access to one of my bank account and drew over a million dollars from my account, which I now closed him out of.
This man robbed me of my sanity. Now he’s begging me to forgive him and asking to let him keep my house for the sake of his children.
I don’t think I can do that.

Lisa.  U.S.A

Dear Lisa: I’ll briefly say that was a very cruel way for him to treat you. No one deserves to be used or treated in such a manner for their kindness.  Yes, I would say you can forgive him, but since he didn’t respect you enough to tell you about his children and this woman had indulged in his act of betrayal. Let them stand on their own and figured their way out has to where their next shelter will be.  Do not allow him or his woman to use you anymore.

Good Luck.

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