Dear McKoy: My husband pressuring me for sex even though he is bedridden

Dear McKoy,

My husband was recently injured on the job that causes him to be bedridden yet he still pressures me for sex. In fact, it’s like his sex drive is higher than ever. It’s so annoying cause I have to be on top doing all the work and this man has no care about whether I’m pleased or not. If I deny him, he cusses and I hate the arguments so most times I just do it. My knees and back are tired. I never took riding lessons as a child and here I am as an adult “riding” everyday. This is very frustrating. Before this, we used to have a great sex life but I think he may be exaggerating his condition sometimes to get my sympathy.
What do you think about this?


Dear D.T.,

Injured or not, no man should be pressuring you for sex. It’s your duty to have sex with him but he shouldn’t be forcing you. You need to put your foot down and explain to him that he has to recuperate properly first. All that activity probably isn’t even good for his injuries. All the best. 


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