Dear Mckoy: My Husband is Wearing a ‘Jacket’ Belonging to His Father

Dear McKoy: I am so ashamed of myself for the deceptive life I am living.  I have been married to my husband for 11 years and been sleeping with his father for the past 5 years.

My father-in-law is so nice and kind to me.  He treats me like he is my husband instead of his son.  I used to go cry to him and his wife when I thought my husband was cheating.  One time I went there and he was alone at the house and I was pouring all the bad things his son was doing to me.  He was there offering comforting words, then we started sipping wine and somehow we started making out.  That sex was the best ever; that man did things to me I never imagined.  One time became two, then three, then many and I hardly slept with my husband.

I now have a two-year-old daughter who belongs to my father-in-law, but my husband believes he is the father.  What is saving me now is that they all resemble each other, but my daughter tends to ‘stick on’ her so-called grandfather more that her supposed to be father.


Dear G: In the first place sleeping with your father-in-law is downright wrong; the first time it happened you should have begged forgiveness and never looked back there, but that affair for 5 years means that both of you are mentally deranged. Why didn’t just divorce your husband?

Best believe that jacket will not be buttoning for much longer and I know you are going to need more than a tailor to do the repairs.

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