Dear McKoy: My husband is seeking other women online

Dear McKoy,

My husband has made an account for an online dating site but he’s trying to convince me it means nothing. This man must think I’m stupid! I don’t know if this is an indication that he has cheated. I’m thinking about getting a sideman cause there’s no way I’m going to be faithful to a man who’s playing me for a fool. I haven’t had sex with him since I found out cause I’m so angry at him but I still make his dinner. He says I’m being unfair but he disrespected me first. Tell me if you don’t think this man is way out of line.


Dear G.G.,

Talk to him and let him know you feel disrespected. Don’t bother with the tit for tat game. Communicate like adults. It’s better to just divorce if you’re both unhappy and want to see other people.


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