Dear McKoy: My husband is disowning our baby

Dear McKoy: My husband is disowning our baby– I just had my second child about a month ago and instead of celebrating and healing, I am at war with my husband who believes the baby isn’t his. I have been faithful to this man all my years and now he’s doing this to me. He’s barely even home to help out and he hardly talks to me. I am so overwhelmed and don’t know what else to do. We were doing well then he came with the nonsense out of nowhere. McKoy, I feel like I’m going crazy. Our three year old daughter keeps wondering why daddy isn’t home and I don’t know what to tell her. How can I get through this?
Dear G.G.,
You need to first seek help from close family or friends to get through this period. Also try seeking a counselor or pastor to talk to your husband. Maybe he’s going through underlying issues that have caused him to act this way. I hope this helps and you mend your family. 
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Le Antonio’s Foundation Feeding Programme

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