Dear McKoy: My Husband Got our Nanny Pregnant

Dear McKoy: Last week I caught my husband having sex with our nanny. He confessed that they were having sex for months and she might be pregnant. I am so shaken up over what happened because she was always so sweet to me and acted like a mother figure to my son. I literally considered her like family and she broke my trust like this. Right now, I’m staying at my parent’s home because he refuses to fire her. I think he probably loves her more than me. It’s embarrassing. I thought I was an excellent wife. I went above and beyond for him, only for him to do this. It’s been 15 years of marriage. Fifteen. All of that down the drain for a woman he met a few years ago. I’m so angry and contemplating doing evil things to both of them. I actually wish her baby dies. I am very consumed with anger. My son is staying with me and he’s confused as to what’s going on. I don’t know what to do.

Dear C.J.: Please seek help from a professional because you are going through depression. This can drive you insane. You need to endure you cater to your mental health now more than ever. Take your pride and move forward. What they did to you is unjustifiable and selfish and I hope you never blame yourself for any of it. Continue taking care of your son. You will get through this.
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