Dear McKoy: My husband got a 16-year-old pregnant

Dear McKoy,

My husband got a 16-year-old pregnant and we are doing our best to keep it under wraps to avoid embarrassment. I am still coming to terms with the reckless behavior and complete disregard of our marriage. I cannot believe he was so dumb. We’ve met with the girl’s parents and agreed to offer financial assistance but her father wants to kill my husband, which is understandable. This feels like a nightmare! I’m not going to divorce him cause we are a strong team regardless of his stupidity and I can’t afford for people to be talking about us, especially cause we’re so well known but I don’t think things will ever be the same.

I just need some prayer to get through this time. How do I tell our toddler that she’s about to be a big sister through another woman? Sigh.


Dear N.K.,

It is a troubling situation and I’m deeply sorry that you encountered this. Your family may need professional counseling and I hope your husband will repent of his ways. You don’t deserve this but I hope things will go as peacefully as possible and the baby will be healthy. Cheers to you and him for standing up to the responsibility although you’re not obligated. I pray you find healing and peace.


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