Dear McKoy: My Husband Forgave Me for Cheating but I Can’t Stop Seeing My Lover

Dear McKoy: I’ve been cheating on my husband and I can’t seem to quit. He’s 32, I’m 28, and we’ve been married for two years. We’ve only been married for a short time, and all we do is fight. I mostly despise the fact that he spends most of his time drinking with his friends.

A new guy started working for the company where I work earlier this year. He’s 30, tall, black, and attractive. He was a huge flirt, and I was drawn to him right away. Nothing happened at first, but as the pandemic progressed, we became closer. We spent a lot of time together over lunch breaks and eventually started sexting. The first time e had sex, he offered to pick me up for a late-night drive one evening, and I accepted. My husband had gone out with his friends and I knew he wouldn’t come back home until early morning.

We pulled into a parking lot and before I knew it, we were jumping into the back seat of the car and pulling off each other’s clothes. The sex was really fantastic, his penis is way bigger than my husband’s and his tongue is magical in the right places. He gave me multiple orgasms, which my husband never managed once.

Then last month, my husband found a love bite on my neck, that I hadn’t noticed. He kept pleading with me to tell him who I had been cheating on him with until I finally confessed. Even though I came clean, he left me and went to stay with a friend after telling me it was over. So I kept calling and begging him to come back. He did agree to come home, but said I should quit my job to prove my loyalty to him.

I did quit my job but my lover and I are still together. It’s weird because I don’t really want to lose my husband, but at the same time I can’t stop seeing my lover, the sex is amazing.




Dear Anna: These things have a tendency to come out, therefore you must put an end to your infidelity if you truly love your husband. This guy is giving you the attention you crave from your husband, so you’ll be tempted to go back until you address the problems in your marriage.

Start talking about what works for you in the bedroom with your husband. Improving your sex life is essential for a happy marriage. Also, you must seek couple’s counseling. 





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