Dear McKoy: My Husband and My Sister are Too Close

Dear McKoy: My sister has recently moved in with me because she’s going through a nasty separation with her husband. He’s been cheating on her and I don’t want it to get physical so I told her she can stay with my husband and I temporarily. She’s gotten unusually close to my husband though but they always say it’s just that he’s helping her through her difficulties and providing a male’s perspective etc. it’s still however concerning that I’ve caught them in rooms by themselves in close proximity. I would hate to think that they’re betraying me like that but something looks fishy. Do you think I’m overthinking?

Dear Anonymous: You may or may not be overthinking but you should have a discussion with them about boundaries and make it known what you’re not comfortable with. It’s your marriage and home, so set clear, respectful boundaries. Here’s to hoping they will respect them.

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