Dear McKoy: My Girlfriend’s Vagina Has a Bad Odor

Dear McKoy,

My girlfriend went on a “girls trip” about three weeks ago and since she has been back, her vagina has developed a very awful smell. I am not sure if she does not smell it and I do not know how to say something to her without feeling offended but I do not even have the vibe to have sex with her anymore. I am giving her the benefit of the doubt that she did not cheat on me. She has always been a great woman/. I don’t know how to describe the smell coming from her vagina. It is so strong. You can literally smell it in a room. I am afraid that other people at her workplace or in public are smelling her too. Tell me what to do.


Dear T.W.,

As her partner, you have to be honest with her. You need to talk to her and if she has not gone to the doctor already, accompany her. This requires a frank talk about her body, health and what could have led to this. Maybe she has a yeast infection which is common among women. The point is, you need to talk about it and deal with it.


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