My Girlfriend Wont Perform Oral on Me

Dear McKoy: My Girlfriend Wont Perform Oral on Me

Dear McKoy: My Girlfriend won’t Perform Oral on Me – My girlfriend and I have been together for almost one year, and while our relationship is wonderful in every way, there is one thing that has been missing. I can’t figure out why she has such a strong aversion to going down on me, and I have done it to her countless times. She told me straight out that she is terrified of any fluid entering her mouth while she is doing it. I told her I wouldn’t, let that happen said she thinks oral sex is nasty, yet I see her enjoying herself so much when I’m doing it to her. What do you think I should do?


A. Brown


Dear A: Receiving oral sex is often viewed as more enjoyable than giving it. But your girlfriend doesn’t just despise it, she’s terrified of what can happen during the process. You, on the other hand, take pleasure in it, but resist the urge to force her to join in. It’s important to remember that everyone has different needs and preferences. If lack of oral sex is a deal breaker for you, leave. If not, cease putting pressure on her or forcing her in any way. Respect her choice. It’s not about keeping score in sex. Perhaps she’ll try doing it in the future, but only if she is ready to.


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