Dear Mckoy: My Girlfriend Keeps Beating Me and I Am Afraid to Tell Anyone

I was a wild guy who many women used to flock.  My body is built and I am tall.  I stayed in the gym so I am fit and attractive.  I had so many women at my beck and call and had no intentions to settle down anytime soon.  I have a dark complexion but I have a thing for lighter skin women.  I would get with black ladies but I preferred the lighter shade.  I never used to mine the age because everybody has their different potential.  People would often tell me that I would soon find the right person to cool my badness but i would just laugh at them.

A group of my friends and I went to Negril for a birthday barbecue.  A group of girls walked past us and my eyes roamed on a sexy and beautiful one.  It seems she could feel my stare because she turned around and smiled.  I was melting from the smile so I approached her.  We talked throughout the entire barbecue and got to know each other. At that time I was 29 and she was 33 years old.  She didn’t look a day over 21 as she is short and petite.  We exchanged numbers and would call and text daily.   We had a friendly relationship and I found out that she was single.  She would say she didn’t have the patience to deal with liars or cheaters.  All I wanted to do was get some of her nookie and keep the friendship.   I decided to try my luck with her and after about 4 months she gave in to me.  Now from I have been wilding out, this was the first time I experienced this level of intimacy and passion; there was something way different and I was so drawn into her.  It was as if she had a force on her that snatched out my heart.  I found myself yearning for her and just wanting to be with her alone.  That was no way me, so I went back to my womanizing ways. My mother saw us one day and told me that she is sensing evil on her.  I just dismissed that because I thought my mom was too spiritual.

I was out with a lady one day and she appeared up and I don’t know why I found myself being afraid of her.  Imagine me the giant feeling fearful of the little petite lady.  She just said a casual good evening to us and kept moving.  When I got to my house, I saw her sitting on my verandah.  I opened the door and she came inside.  She greeted me with a box in my face and started swinging punches.  I was so hurt about it but I couldn’t find the courage to lift my hands at her.  When she was finished with her assaults, she demanded that I go bathe and come give her sex.  Now for me, that was a turn on and I just took out my anger in the sex but she welcomed every rough stroke.  Over time, I realized she has a hand problem but the more she does it, the more I am drawn to her.

She caught me kissing a girl and she used a belt this time to put on licks on me.  I wanted to take her up and drop her on the floor but I couldn’t; it was like something or someone was holding my hands.  The hits were very hot and I found myself crying which is a first for me.  I got so afraid of her and her hands.  I now feel like her child instead of her lover.  The last time she beat me, she was cursing and saying she warned me about the liars and cheaters and I still went in her panties.

I am so ashamed of what is happening to me; 5 years later at age 34, I am getting beaten by my girlfriend.  I cannot tell anybody at all because it is embarrassing.   I tried to leave her but I cannot.  I am no longer interested in her but I just cannot leave her.  My friends laugh and say she has clipped my wings but I cannot tell them the truth about the bondage I am under.


Dear Sir: To have a woman beating on you must destroy your ego and pride.  I blame you in the first instance because you lead her into thinking you were going to have a committed relationship; all this to fulfill your selfish desires.  You will have to take some action as this is domestic abuse.  You should get the police involved immediately before it gets worst. 

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