Dear McKoy: My Girlfriend is Too Tight

Dear McKoy: I can’t believe I’m writing this but the girl I’ve been seeing has too much of a tight vagina. It’s hard to go in and out of her because her grip is so firm. I’ve never experienced this in my life and it’s even painful sometimes. I haven’t said anything to her, but I am wondering if there’s anyway she can loosen up a bit, literally. Her vagina is choking me. I can’t have sex with her often cause she’s not in the mood most times or she’s busy or tired so it’s not like we can get used to each other. I love her differently, but the sex is a cause for concern. What can I do?

Dear H.R.: You have to tell her so that you can try methods like lubricants or extend foreplay so that she’s turned on enough to ‘receive’ you. It’s not something that is impossible to get around. Just talk to her in a respectful manner.

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