My Girlfriend is Hooked on Her "Rabbit"

Dear McKoy: My Girlfriend is Hooked on Her “Rabbit”

Dear McKoy: My Girlfriend is Hooked on Her Rabbit – I bought my girlfriend her first sex toy, a rabbit, last year Christmas. She was very excited to try it out and within minutes of me using it on her she began squirting all over the bed. She has never reached an orgasm with me, but she assures me that she does enjoy the sex.  The problem now is that I am having second thoughts about her using this sex toy because she has developed an addiction to the quick and intense orgasms that it gives her. I am not able to give her that and it seems she lost interest in having sex with me. She spends too much time using it and I don’t want to be competing with a “rabbit”.


M. Smith


Dear M: I understand your frustration and I wouldn’t be shocked if you felt compelled to take away her toy until you two could reconnect sexually. Have a discussion with your girlfriend, be honest, and tell her that you feel redundant in the bedroom. Some couples forget that sex shouldn’t be a competition or a way for one person to get all the fun. Ask her to help you understand her body, how she gets aroused, and what she wants from an orgasmic experience without any help from a toy. 


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