Dear McKoy: My Fiancé Wants My Vagina Seasoned

Dear McKoy: They say love is blind and that is true.  I am in love with a crazy weird fellow who I am supposed to marry.

When we started having sex he would tell me not to shower, saying he wants my natural flavor.  I would take a nice shower before he gets to me, but he would get upset and say I smell unnatural.  I tell him I have to shower and he says ok I must eat onions, garlic and escallion shortly before we have sex.  I ask him why and he says he love tasting and smelling the seasoning especially the onion.  I hate the scent of onions, they make me sneeze badly.  He says he likes ‘dining’ while I am sneezing.  The man even went as far as lining my vagina top with sliced onions.  This man is very kind, caring and loving to me, but I don’t think I can go through with that wedding.


Dear C; This is the first I am hearing of ‘seasoning’ fetish.  Obviously this is something that is going against your health.  Peace of mind is the greatest thing so think about if you will be at peace being married to Mr. Seasoning.

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