Dear Mckoy: My Father Is The Devil

Dear Mckoy: My Father Is The Devil- Let me get straight to the point. My father is the devil from the pit of hell.

I grew up with my mother and father in Browns Town St Ann.  Where my father is known to be an evil obeah man. At the age of 10 my mother passed away and all my years of growing up I always heard my community speaking badly about my father and some would say he sacrificed my mother.

I didn’t understand what they meant until I became an adult and my brother died of the same cause as my mother.
I’m now 29. And I have come to despise my father for the evil he has done to my mother, brother and other people in our community.
I have no love for this man as a father. He is the Devil.
I deny him being my father because I don’t want anyone thinking I’m the same as him.

June.  St Ann.

Dear June: Sorry about the grief your father is causing you. But I’ll briefly say that your a grown adult and if you see or know of your father is the kind of person you stated in your story.
Then I suggest you get a place of your own and away from your father. Because at some point whatever you accuse him of doing if it’s true as stated in your story it is one day coming back to haunt him.
Be safe.

Good Luck.

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