Dear Mckoy: My Breath Stinks After Sex

Dear Mckoy: I am having this horrible problem that is very embarrassing.   Everytime I have sex, I have a foul smell coming from my mouth.  I have to ensure I take away myself quickly before the other person finds out.  I don’t know what to do to stop it.  I try mint, I brush my teeth before, I don’t know what more to do.  Because of this, I cannot have a partner to settle with because I am scared.


Dear Pam: It is rather unfortunate that you have to be going through a situation like this.  I have not seen where you mentioned a Dentist or Doctor.  Do not allow you being embarrassed stop you from making an appointment ASAP; this could be a life threatening issue.  Also, do you plan on sleeping around for the rest of your life?  Go visit a doctor urgently.

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