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Dear McKoy: My boyfriend’s penis has a bad odor


Dear McKoy,

My boyfriend’s penis has started to have a very bad smell that even made me puke while I was giving him oral sex. I do not know if his nose doesn’t work, but it’s so potent. He keeps trying to deny it, saying that is how a man should smell but I have never been with another man whose penis stinks this much. I really love him as a person, but the sex is not it at all. I don’t want him pushing that inside me. He does not even want to use condoms to make matters worse. I don’t know what else to do. It would be a shame to break up over this. I do not want that, but I may be forced to.



Dear J.G.,

If he refuses to see the problem, you cannot do anything about it. It’s his health and body and as much as you love him, you cannot burden yourself when he is living carefree. Please do not force yourself to be bounded if he does not want to get any help. I do hope he is not ill. 


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