Dear McKoy: My boyfriend only buys sex from me

Dear McKoy: My boyfriend only buys sex from me-  I am in such a weird situation and I need your opinion on it. My sex life is complicated because my boyfriend refuses to have sex with me unless he has money to give me afterwards. I don’t mind accepting things from him but sometimes I just want to bond with him sexually, and he refuses because he might not have money at that particular time. I told him to stop that because I work and make my own money but he’s so adamant. He makes me feel like a prostitute and I told him, yet he continues. I don’t know how much longer I can tolerate this. Please advise.

Dear H.N.,
On one side, I can understand that he’s just trying to make sure you’re taken care of financially but I also get why you would feel the way you do. Tell him you’re uncomfortable in the relationship and will leave if he persists. Find a common ground and compromise so both parties are happy.
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Le Antonio’s Foundation Feeding Programme

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