Dear Mckoy: My Boyfriend Left Me For A 19-Year-Old Woman

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Dear Mckoy: My Boyfriend Left Me For A 19-Year-Old Woman– My boyfriend and I have been together a little over two years until some time ago. He started acting shady and when I tried to discuss the reasons for his attitude, he told me that I’m annoying.
A few days ago he told me that it’s best we call it a day because things not working out between us. Then, he took some of his things and left saying he is going by his mother for a few days to think about the situation. Later, I learned that he was not at his mother but instead at a 19-year-old woman’s house and that he had been taking her to our house while I was at work.
I called to confront him about it, and he told me that he had become tired of me and this girl gives him better sex so its best I stay my ways and stop trying to contact him. I love this man.
I’m not sure what to do.
Confused. St Ann.
Dear Confused: It is always impactful when those we love grow apart from us and it is obvious that he has moved on. While the way he did it was wrong and disrespectful, all that is left for you to do now is to accept his decision and move on. 

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