Dear McKoy: My Boyfriend is Disrespectful Towards Me

Dear Mckoy: I am in my early 20s and I am dating a guy that lives in Jamaica but I live abroad I really love him we been dating a year now I travel to see him numerous times he treat me real good at times but some times he can be so disrespectful. I am crazy about him, but I dont know what to know when it comes on to cheating, he is not that type of person. When I’m sick, he is always there for me, but one thinks that make the relationship weak is that he talks to me any and any way. He uses indecent language on me numerous times he will curse at me numerous times when we go out in public. We keep arguing he is not a humble person I can talk to and be like bae lets not argue, let’s just talk stuff out no he just want to argue I really love him but his attitude is pushing me away what should I do.




Dear Miss: It is obvious that this guy does not love nor appreciate you.  You deserve someone who respects you as a woman; break it off and protect your peace.  The right person is out there for you and in due time, you will get with him.  All the best.

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