Dear Mckoy: My Boyfriend Has Too Many Women

Dear Mckoy: My Boyfriend Has Too Many Women I have been with my boyfriend almost two years now. He used to be a very awesome romantic, jovial guy that I was never too busy to attend to or annoyed to be around.  Sex was always excellent.

As time passes I noticed his changes of attitude and lock of interest less calls or text. So instead of questioning him I tried to be more spontaneous. But that still didn’t help much.
I then noticed all he talks about is having threesomes with other girls and EXs, sometimes I would entertain his conversation just to make him happy.  But I never made the attempt to indulge in his request.

Then some time later I was messaged on facebook by a female asking how well do I know him.  I was a bit shocked and wasn’t up for the drama so I blocked her.

I never told my boyfriend anything about the girl contacting me.  Nevertheless I ask him if he was involved with others and he was honest to tell me yes five others besides myself. But I shouldn’t worry about it he loves me.

So after his confession I decided to unblock the female that had messaged me and I was just in time to receive another message from her, telling me she’s not harassing me or being rude, she only wants to warn me that if I’m his girlfriend I should be careful and protect myself at all times because he’s involved with a lot of other women and school girls and one particular female he’s involved with has a man that is said to be HIV positive.

I promise her not to say anything to him,  but now I’m worried about my health with him.  With all honesty at first I was so inlove and excited about him I never thought about protecting myself when getting intimate with him. Until I suspected he was going unprotected with everyone else.  That’s when I catch my grip and started having some realization that I am endangering my health.

Despite he was honest enough to tell me the truth about his other involvements and I know the risk I’m running I do love him,  but I’m confused and not sure I should stay with him or leave him and find me a life of my own.

I need your advise.

AD St Andrew.

Dear AD:  I understand your situation,  but to be very brief, I would suggest you have yourself a medical check up and also encourage your boyfriend to have one himself.  I won’t tell you to leave your boyfriend, that’s a decision you personally will have to make.  Put it this way,  which is more important to you?

1- your life and health?
2- transmitting a disease from this boyfriend of yours, that may cause your life? 
The decision are yours to make.

Bless you,  Good Luck.

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