Dear McKoy: My boyfriend has gotten too obsessed with anal sex

Dear McKoy,

My boyfriend no longer wants to have vaginal sex with me. I am into anal sex as well, and it’s something that we tried now and then, but every night he wants to be inside my anus to the point where it hurts to sit. I am sure my vagina isn’t loose so I am not sure why he insists on anal. I cannot even orgasm that way but he sure can so I guess it doesn’t matter. I really hope he’s not gay or bi because that’s a huge dealbreaker. I love him but I can’t keep up with these habits.


Dear J.V.,

You do not have to have sex with him unless you want to. If he refuses to meet your sexual needs and you are being hurt just to meet his it makes no sense. Tell him that unless he refuses to compromise, it cannot work. I hope you can both come to an agreement.


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