Dear McKoy: My Boyfriend forced anal sex on me

Dear McKoy,

My boyfriend gave me anal sex without my consent the other night and I feel violated. I have never been interested in that type of thing so I’m not sure where he got that impression. Things were literally going normal until he flipped me over and forced his penis inside. I don’t even know if that was rape but he enjoyed it and orgasmed very quickly. I am not talking to him right now. He says I am overreacting and it was to spice up our sex life but I wish he had at least spoken to me before or tried other methods of foreplay since he wanted that. My anus is still kind of sore so it’s hard to sit and walk sometimes. I just don’t know how to feel about this or how to approach the situation.


Dear L.C.,

I am sorry he did that to you without permission. It is totally understandable if you are upset but you need to tell him that you did not appreciate his behaviour and warn him against trying it again. It is your body, thus it’s always your choice to dictate what happens and does not. Take the time to heal properly before you even think about having sex again. Best wishes


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