Dear McKoy: My Babysitter is Trying to Take My Husband

Dear McKoy: I have reason to believe my babysitter is trying to make a move on my husband and take my spot as my child’s primary caregiver. When we hired her, it was just to take care of the toddler during work hours so bathe, feed, put her to sleep, have reading activities etc. however, she started to wash JUST my husband’s clothes, cook, clean and iron his work shirts. She says she’s just trying to help out but it’s not in her job description and it’s fishy overall. Anyway, my daughter called her “mama” once and she answered, right in my presence. I really don’t want to think that I’m overreacting but she’s clearly passed her boundaries, hasn’t she? I want you to tell me if you think I’m overreacting.

Dear S.M.: You are not overreacting. She has crossed her boundaries and you and your husband need to speak to her about it. If she’s defiant, you’ll have to find another babysitter. I can definitely understand why you feel disrespected. Just handle it calmly and as professionally as possible, no matter how upset you are. 

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