Dear McKoy: My Aunt Turned Me into a Lesbian

Dear McKoy: When I was 15, my aunt came to live with us and help out my mom around the house, since mom had to work and didn’t spend much time home. My aunt used to perform sexual acts on me every chance she gets and it actually felt awesome. I kept it a secret and it continued until she went away overseas. I am now 25 and now more into women than men. I truly want to suppress these feelings. Despite the fact that I do not wish to be a lesbian, I believe I am already one. I haven’t had a truly committed relationship in a long time, and I don’t particularly enjoy having sex with men. Please assist me in comprehending what is taking place in my life.




Dear Bianca: Your aunt molested you sexually, taking advantage of your innocence. But now you know right from wrong. You can reverse the cycle she initiated by choosing heterosexuality. Focusing on her may not help much now that this is all over. You can’t undo what happened, and since the perpetrator is a family member, you can only deal with it personally. This secret should be kept between you two. The most important thing is to change the bad impact on your sexuality.

To properly address this, you must have a clear vision of the life you desire. Imagine having a boyfriend and husband and train your mind to accept that there is only one way to get sexual gratification: intimacy with people of the opposite sex. 

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  1. your aunt should have not done that to you at I feel your pain and suffering my friend just stay strong and pray for the recovery and get counselling all the best my love.

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