Dear Mckoy: Molested by my Step-Father

Dear Mckoy. I am now 24 years old and was molested by my stepfather while I was growing up, my mother uses to change partners very often until she settled with my stepfather who use to molested me.
I never told anyone before because I was scared. Now that I have become an adult and have children of my own and now understand what was really happening to me and that it should never have happened.

I find myself being very overprotective of not just my own children but also of another person’s child especially if I see the child in the presence of a male company. Now my problem is I become very paranoid when am to go to work and leave my 3 and 6 years old daughters with their father. Now it’s making him curious why my strange behavior when he’s to keep his children, and would always try to assure me that our daughters are always gonna be safe once they with him or me. Am just not feeling myself because of my past experience and not sure what to do.

Unknown. Clarendon.

Dear Unknown.
Being protective of your children is a very good thing especially now that the crime against children and women have become so high. 
But I would suggest you sit with your children father and explain to him what you have experienced and your reasons for being that protective of your daughters. Also, I suggest you try to get some professional counselling as the situation can affect you more severe as your children become older.    

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