Dear McKoy: I May Lose My Job Because of My Fake Business Degree

I May Lose My Job Because of My Fake Business Degree
Dear McKoy,
I am a  28 years old woman. I have graduated university with first class honours and a degree in Business. My problem is that I don’t understand the first thing that I am doing.
The truth is, I paid my way through university because I come from a wealthy family. I never really sat any exams in university. I paid persons to sit them and give me good grades and I never went to a lot of classes. Now my job is on the line and I don’t know what to do, I need a fast solution.
Do you think I should quit my job and really hit the books? I feel like I faking a mental disease to avoid harsh consequences. I am desperate. – L.G
Response: Dear L.G, I would start hitting up some YouTube tutorials and taking night classes asap.  I shudder to think there might be some Drs who, just like you come from rich backgrounds and paid their way through medical school. 
Faking a mental illness after you faked an honours Business Degree?? Don’t you learn at all? You can’t fake your way through life. One day the mask will fall off and you will lose everything you have. Just get it together start taking some classes. -McKoy

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