Dear McKoy: Married Woman Having An Affair With Married Man

Dear McKoy: Married Woman Having An Affair With Married Man– I am a 38-years old woman that has been married to my husband almost 5 years out of a 20 years relationship.  I love my husband but he’s not freaky enough for me, so that leads me to get involved with a man who also happens to be married with similar dissatisfaction with his wife.

After having an affair with this married man for so long I found myself coming to a realization that what I am doing is wrong because not only that this man is having an affair with me but with several other women which put me to risk. Sometimes ago I transmitted an STD from this married man and gave it to my husband, but then had to blame my husband for cheating on me when I knew all along I was the culprit.

Since I came to my realization I now realized that I was only with this man because of his money and what he could do for me. But now he’s getting old, shaky and broke I find myself rejecting him and have very little intimate interest. I want to end the relationship but I don’t want to seem ungrateful.

Affair.     St James.

Dear Affair: After reading your story I must say Wow! Such an interesting story for a married woman.
As you mentioned you were only with his man because of what he could have done for you and now he has nothing and is going broke your feelings have changed.

Well, I would suggest you stop leading on this man and end the relationship with him before it becomes too late where you might regret it.

If I must give my honest opinion you appear to be an ungrateful woman to this man.
I also suggest that you seek counseling before you try using another married man.

Good luck.

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