Dear Mckoy: Married Without An Orgasm

Dear Mckoy: 9 years ago I got married as a Christian virgin.  My husband is the one who taught me the ropes about sex.  He told me that when I get wet that means I cum.  So I was there all along happy because the amount of times I ‘cum’, I thought my husband was a beast in the bedroom.

I have a very radical down to earth girl friend who love sex talk. My husband don’t like her one bit because he says she is too vulgar.  Anyways, we had a girl’s night out and the topic was orgasm.  They were there talking about how powerful some orgasms they experienced were.  My rude friend said she even once felt like her spirit left her body.  So I am there happily saying to them that I don’t have those experiences, I just get wet.  The ladies laugh me to scorn, they said being wet doesn’t mean orgasm.  I wanted to hide in a hole the way I was embarrassed.

Miss rude told me that I should go masturbate and tell her what I feel at the end.  The night I got home, I malice my husband.  As him leave for work the next morning I watch porn and start rubbing.  I felt a sensation I have never experienced in my life.  I was shaking and cursing to how the summu sweet.  I tried again the next day to confirm and it was even better as I was surfing on some high tides.  I curse out my husband so till, ole con- artist.  The man tell mi lie bout orgasm because he knows he can’t give me.

Right now I don’t want to cheat but I am tired of rubbing myself to ride the waves.




Dear Anonymous: It is really sad that you were one of many women who haven’t experienced a real orgasm; this is nothing to be ashamed of.  You should encourage your husband to explore the different parts of your body that allow you to reach that level of excitement, try different adventures or even visit a sex therapist.  I wish you all the best.


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