Dear Mckoy: Married and in Love with Another Married Woman

Dear Mckoy: I was a happily married husband until I started losing interest in my wife.  Our relationship just got very dull and lost all sparks.

I met this married lady some years ago and we would talk occasionally.  We met up one evening at a restaurant and just chilled and talked for hours.  From that we would call each other and became acquainted.   We would discuss everything our marriages (good and bad); eventually we got closer and closer.  I care for this lady so much that I would do anything for her.

We have had sexual encounters, but no penetration as yet.  I love this woman more than I ever loved my wife.  She says she loves me too and is waiting for her husband to leave for us to be together.


Dear Anonymous: Try working things out with your wife before you think about moving on with someone else’s wife.  The grass is not always greener on the other side; water the one at your home.  All the best.

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